Wednesday, 2 July 2008

When Wednesday

When toddlers/younger siblings attack

My eldest son's 2nd pair of glasses. Same lenses, 2nd frames. What happened to the first pair? Toddler 2 found them and thought he would test his strength on them.
So we went to the Optician and bought a new frame and the same lenses were able to go straight in.
The other day I heard crying. This is never good. Especially followed "No, No, No, what did you do?" Of course I could have taken a deep breath and asked what was wrong and then dealt with it calmly. But nope. I yelled out 'What the heck is going on?"
Eldest son is crying inconsolably, holding the pieces in his hands.
I couldn't believe it. He did it again. Now on the one hand he is only 2 and still learning about right and wrong and how to focus his incredible strength for good. On the other hand we had told eldest son to keep his glasses in his top drawer so said toddler could not reach them.
This weekend will bring another pair of frames and a shelf to go up on the wall next to the top bunk. I am thinking a shelf that can hold a lockable container should do the trick.
Fingers crossed.

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loz said...

Darn I would have been annoyed too oh well not much you can do huh. DS 2 is certainly a strong little man maybe that will come in handy in years to come:)