Saturday, 14 June 2008

She of only 4 months, entertainer to many

Bubs is 4 months old. Why does time insist on flying by so quickly, and why do babies and children also insist on growing even faster.
The older children just adore her, she can do no wrong. I remember when the oldest boys felt the same about their other sister and brother. I guess younger siblings are easier to like when they are not pulling your lego masterpiece apart. A construction that took hours to put together.
Or pulling all the clothes out of drawers, pulling your hair and squealing in your ear.

Bubs loves people looking at her, talking to her, showing her toys and amusing her in general. She can laugh, cry and then laugh again in the 5 seconds it takes you to grab a nappy from the wardrobe. Constant eye contact she demands!
Which is perfect as the older children don't seem to get bored of her laughter and happy squeals. Huz and I love to record this behaviour, so we can show them in a few years when they are coming to us in exasperation as she pulls apart another toy, or trashes their room.

For now, though, we look on with pride as our children come together lovingly to be with their baby sister.

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