Friday, 20 June 2008

Buying something for me!! I know, exciting!

Back when Huz and I were both working (in jobs that paid money. I need to make that point as I am still working, just not getting paid) and had no children, our extra money was for us to do whatever we wanted. Clothes, little trips away, night out, shoes! The list goes on.
Since having children we have more more careful with money and only purchased items for ourselves that were really needed.

Tonight Bubs and I went to a shopping centre. We needed some groceries anyway, and a nappy bucket, so I thought it would be nice to look at stores on our own. Bubs was in the wrap so getting around is sooo easy!

We went in a few stores and as usual bubs received lots of attention, she is totally gorgeous and loves smiling at everyone. In one of the shoe stores I noticed a lovely pair of boots. Something I would have grabbed without thinking years ago. I noticed the tag, hmmm, 30 dollars off.
So I asked the shop assistant for my size and tried them on. Oooh so comfy!
Yes, I bought them. And yes, I forgot the nappy bucket.

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