Monday, 2 June 2008

Room cleaning record..

Today is day 3 of cleaning the older boys bedroom. I should clarify 'they' are cleaning the room, not me.
I did help a little bit with their wardrobe, which took all of 3 minutes. I then showed them how quickly it can be done but continue they did at a snails pace.
At least we can now see the floor, now that the millions of lego pieces have been put back in their tub. Lego that I am sure multiply in the dark of night, gleefully laughing about the times I step on them and scream.

As of this week we are also looking at what language to learn for our LOTE KLA.( For the non teachers that is Language Other Than English Key Learning Area) At the moment it is looking like French. I said to Huz we can go to France. He said let's start with Sydney first, then work out way out.
Please feel free to tell me your success and horror stories about learning a language.


Harriet's Mama said...

Hey, I recognise that comment warning! LOL

French is a great language to start with for English speakers, not too much of a jump. I can speak a bit of it, and if I spent time with other french speakers I'd be fluent, but my mind is crusty from disuse. Maybe I'll come and learn with you!

In terms of usefulness though I'd probably recommend Spanish over french. Still an easy jump for english speakers imho :D

I actually have french and spanish lanugage kits with tapes and books you are welcome to borrow. The spanish is pretty much unopened LOL

The Mummy said...

Yes, I took bits from yours as I had no clue what to write :)

I have found a great site from Education Vic for kids learning French. I am very impressed. Lots of fun worksheets and things to print out for free!! I love things for free, especially when they are useful.

I did ponder about Spanish as many people recommended it, saying similar to you.
DH prefers French and after discussing we chose that. I told him it means a trip to Fance in the near future ;)

I'd love to see the language kits! Thank you.