Saturday, 7 June 2008

Apples take two and a first

Today we popped over to our little fruit and veggie place. Fresher AND cheaper than the supermarket. This week I only purchased 10 kg of potatoes and another box of apples. Lets see how long this box lasts! Hopefully longer than 4 and a bit days.
Huz has moved them up high so the littles can't grab them. They take one and have a few bites then leave them somewhere then go get another, repeat for mentioned scenario.

My 'first' for this past week was trying on clothes with bubs in her gorgeous Storch wrap. It is red and I looooove it. Anyhoo, I went shopping with Miss 3 in the stroller and bubs.
I was lured in the store with huge 70% off posters. This lead me to the jeans, which I am need for as I am in the 'between' phase of not long having a bub and still getting motivated enough to lose the last kilo or 15.
So I did the test, putting the jeans against my waste seeing if they would sort of fit, but I needed to try them. Off to the change room we go. The salesperson smiling as I walked into the Change room.

Bubs happily smiled and laughed at herself in the huge, bright not-so-flattering mirror while Miss 3 happily flung the curtain open for all to see.
When I put them on the counter to buy the sales person smiled again and asked how I went. Thus started a conversation about wraps and how fantastic they are. I love spreading the word. I think what helps is the wrap is such a gorgeous colour, it draws people in.

Now, I just need to get motivated and figure out how those Tim Tams keep appearing in the cupboard.


Harriet's Mama said...

I get the same thing with my bright stripey ellaroo wrap, people LOVE it :D I need to get my hands on some of Paulus's cards to distribute!

The Mummy said...

Just email him and he will send you some. I did last week as I had run out. I gave my mum heaps as well so she can spread the word also, lol