Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Children 'helping'

I'll be honest. My children helping with chores, cooking or cleaning is like nails down a black board for me. I know it is wonderful and such a learning experience for them to help. After all that is how we learn, by practising.

I do try my best to smile as clothes are crinkled as they 'help' me fold, or how half the mixture ends up on themselves, the bench, me and the floor as they whisk or stir.

But I endure it as I know one day they will be able to make dinner for the family. Although if the trend continues, by the time they are actually old enough and capable of doing so, they won't want to!

Here is my daughter 'whiksing' as she calls it, the pancake batter. Such a momentous occasion always deserves a picture.

This weekend we will be making muffins. Send me lots of happy, smiling, teeth clenching vibes.

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