Thursday, 16 September 2010

Thursday Op Shop

It seems like ages since I wrote Thursday Op Shop post. I have not been in a couple of months and am missing my favourite little shop. We are now only 5 minutes from this shop since moving out here and you would think I would be able to stop in.
Sickness, catching up with others and getting things packed, put away, then moved again because I have changed my mind with where things should go, have taken up a lot of our time.

I have several Op shops I like, but the one near me always has such a great eclectic variety.

This small Ladies travel case is by far my favourite purchase so far. It cost five dollars and was brand new. The key was still in it's little envelope inside the case. Looking at google it is from the 1960s
I bought it for my daughter a few months ago for her 6th birthday. She loves it. She packs books, paper and pencils when we go on long drives, and will take it outside when the sun is shining and sit and draw on the decking.

I could not get a very good picture to justify the lovely colour it is. It is actually a lovely cream colour with brass lock and clasps.

It also came with 2 bottles, not sure where the other one is at the moment. Probably in the bathroom where my daughter fills the bottles with water.
As you can see it has some wear and tear from being used, and loved. I don't mind though as my daughter loves it and uses it almost every day. Money well spent!

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