Monday, 20 September 2010

Confessions of a Large Family Mother

~ More than often I have laundry all over the house. Clothes in the hamper, clothes in the washing machine, clothes in the dryer, and clothes on the couch waiting to be folded.

~ I do not use cloth nappies all the time. Disposables save my sanity.

~ I sneak in my children's bedrooms when they are asleep and watch them for a minute. Marvelling at how big they are getting, especially my oldest boys are so close to being bigger than me. I am actually looking forward to it, all the jobs they can take on!

~ While we do not have commercial TV we certainly do have a DVD player and the kids watch something at least every day.

~ Some times my children have cereal for dinner.

~ My children have a bath once a week, unless they have an accident or get covered head to toe in mud from playing outside.

~ The only reason we do not eat fast food is because it is a 2 hour round trip. We have it so rarely now, when we have to go into the city.

~ I remember to cut my children's nails only when I notice them or get scratched.

~ I ignore the mess in our bus until crumbs, clothes and books fall out when the door opens. Then I find the motivation to clean it out, and while I'd like to say it stays that way and I make an effort to remind the kids to bring in everything, it doesn't happen. And 3 months later we are back at square one.

~ Hub and I hide sweets and eat them when the kids are all in bed.

~ I wear tracksuit pants every day.

~ Sometimes I let the kids eat whatever they want for lunch so I can chat with apwool on MSN.

~ You would think I would learn not to wait a second when a baby needs a nappy change. Even when it sounds like only a little, it may not be. Full nappy and clothes change needed!

~ I hate being told what is best for my children or family by people who are not with us 24/7, have no idea how we work and only want us to do things as they do, so they will feel better about how they do things. (Does that make any sense? ) Different is not wrong!

~ I also hate being told about a friends sisters neighbour who knew this family who homeschooled..............blah blah blah Just.don't.mkay.

~ I go to bed after midnight more often than I do before midnight.

~ Some days I can't wait for that quiet time after the kids are asleep and I can have a conversation with hub and we can actually hear each other.

~ I eat my pancakes with lots of butter and Vegemite. I also have Vegemite on scones.

~ Hub and I have a crazy, hectic, busy life. It feels like it has always been this way, we have just added some kids into the fun over the years.

I wouldn't have it any other way. Life can be hard sometimes and we can feel low, but I am so thankful to be married to my best friend and have our beautiful children who fill my hear with joy and our lives with laughter and happiness.


Anonymous said...

~ Sometimes I let the kids eat whatever they want for lunch so I can chat with apwool on MSN.

~ I go to bed after midnight more often than I do before midnight.

I wonder if the 2 are sort of related, hehe... Such a bad influence I am ;p


Anonymous said...

just commenting again to sub to the comments lol, you don't have to publish this one i don't think ;)

Hands and Hearts said...

I would like to blame something, but no, not related. Even days we don't chat it I am falling into bed after midnight lol

I posted the second one without reading it, and now it's there I like it :D

Becca said...

Me too for nearly all of them except the bath. I use it as an opportunity to get dinner cooked without little helpers.

Sazz said...

I have one child and I can relate to much of that list hehehe.

Awesome post :)

RaisingDaisies said...

I can relate to many of those, LOL....esp the laundry ;)

RaisingDaisies said...

oops, it was supposed to say AND the bath thing. My kids have sensitive skin so more often bathing leads to extra rashes and super dry skin.

shae said...

I can so relate to some of these!
And we eat 3kg apples & 2kg yoghurt a week...

Hands and Hearts said...

Shae, I forgot to add the food. Apples are or biggest staple here, they eat 2kg a day! We will be planting frit trees on or land for sure!

RD, or eldest had horrible eczema from a few weeks old and we got in the habit of a quick bath each week, and just kept up the tradition :)

katepickle said...

popped over from yay for home and loved this list... I can so relate!