Saturday, 18 September 2010

9 Months

She did it again. Another month flies by, that I did not ok.
Our beautiful 6th baby and 3rd girl. So little yet taking such a large part of our family that could not be filled with anything other than her bright blue eyes, big smile and hilarious, contagious laugh.

The smallest noise from her has her siblings running to her side. I love watching them together, playing with her, or watching a movie with her on their laps, her sleeping their face or pulling their hair and laughing. They just laugh along with her and sigh.

My heart truly does grow with each child. So you can imagine how big it is by now.

Here she is in her second favourite place. The first is taking up her 3rd of the bed between hun and I.
In her carrier on my back. She falls asleep so easily in there, and it makes life so much easier when out and about, doing housework or outside watching the kids fly down the hill on carts a hundred times.

If you look close enough you can see her tooth on the bottom. It came through 3 weeks ago, and the other night the tooth next to this one came through too. I loved how excited the kids were when they noticed. The novelty of milestones never wears off.

With big brother. She adores her big brothers. She wails her arms up in the air and squeals with delight when they play peek-a-boo with her. They hide behind the couch or the door and jump out. It's hilarious to watch and hear her laugh louder and louder, which makes them laugh more too.

Trying to take a photo with everyone pulling faces at her so she would laugh. I have many photos like this of the last few kids.
Check out her gorgeous chubby bubby rolls. Some would be mistaken to think she was eating solids. Nope! It's all breast milk, FTW
We believe in following our babies lead for when they are ready for solids, when they are ready after 6 months exclusive breastfeeding.
So far this has ranged from 6 months, right up to 12 months.
Clearly our bubba is not lacking in any way!

Before we know it we will be celebrating her 1st birthday! I am not ok with this, but of course I also have no choice. Damn babies growing up. I do feel so privileged to watch them grow and flourish, moving closer to adulthood and further from my side. Sniff.


Becca said...

I've often thought about putting Emily on my back now that she's less chucky. What kind of carrier do you use? My wrap is too stretchy for me to feel comfortable, she feels like she's falling out of it, when we went to the snow I wanted her on my back and practiced and practiced and it just didn't feel safe.

Hands and Hearts said...

Hi Becca!
Ho great that we ahve read eachothers blogs and finally met. Funny how life can connect us all.
I remember showing hub the picture of the at-at cake. He is a Star Wars fan.
Wraps, carries, slings, I love them!
For the back I love my mei tai, mine is a Kozy Carrier. I also have a Storchenweige Wrap in Leo Red. It is woven cotton and is strong and sturdy but soft. A great site to learn more about all the different types is

I would say a Mei Tai would suit you and Emily great as it has the higher back and is very easy to put on.
Happy to show you mean if you like and chat more about them :)