Thursday, 9 September 2010

Father's Day

Father's Day 2010 marked the tenth Father's Day for Hub, also his first with our scrummy 8 month old baby who really is so cute you just want to chomp into her cheeks.

The day started with Eggs on toast for Daddy, along with many hand made cards and trinkets made by the children at homeschool group. Gotta love homeschool group if only for the fact all that glitter, glue, felt, feathers and fun did not happen at my house.

We then set off for our traditional Father's Day trip to a gorgeous town, which unfortunately had all shops closed due to losing power from storms the previous night. So we decided to still walk around and the kids to play and have lunch elsewhere.

Every year we also have a pic on the huge log there. A few more kids needed to fill the log!

Here we have Miss 2. I wish you could see her face when she does this , it is hilarious, and very hard not to laugh out loud. Her little legs cannot carry her as fast as the bigger kids and as soon as she notices she is left behind she drops her head, slumps and walks slow with her bottom lip dropped. At this point Daddy will pick her up and chase after the big kids which makes her laugh and all is well again.

After a lovely day, boob and snuggles with Daddy our baby is very tired.

Happy Father's Day to the best Daddy and Husband, we all love you very much.


RaisingDaisies said...

You have a beautiful family! I've never seen you guys except C(not sure if you use names or not, so I'll leave it at that, LOL).

Daddyo said...

Hey whats with all the greys you never told me they were hiding back there :P

Thanks I had an awesome day, now t top it come Mothers day

Hands and Hearts said...

Thank you Raising Daisies. I had to think for a second, but yes I don't think you had seen the rest, Look through the archives there are lots of pics :) I don't use names, but the 1st letter is fine, I know who you mean :)

Daddyo, there is only a few grey hairs, relax. It makes you look distinguished :)
Looking forward to Mother's Day!