Wednesday, 15 September 2010

12 Things I am Scared of, in no particular order

1. Clearly if you have been paying attention to this blog, there are Moths. I hate them. They are fat, with weird legs and fly erratically trying to attack humans at will!

2. Jumping Spiders. Oh my goodness have you ever seen one? They freak me out, and give me a shudder just thinking about it.

3. Finding insects/bugs in shoes or clothing. Say no more.

4. Running out of toilet paper.

5. Hearing one of the kids call out "Um Mummy, you better come quick"

6. The 10 seconds after I hear number 5 until I see it. Usually followed by me saying "Gah, is that all" OR "Are you freaking kidding me!"

7. That my daughters will be teased and bullied by , how to put it, little bitches when they are going through that awkward growing up very fast stage. I am hoping the fact that they have eachother will help. I would rather go through childbirth than suffer those days of torment again.

8. That any of my children ever feel less than the wonderful people they are. That others will hurt my precious babies in which I will be forced to hunt them down.

9. Like only in Hollywood, my car/bus will somehow go over the edge of a cliff. Weird, strange yes, but I am scare of it nonetheless. Ahem,

10. That I will pulled over, or bump into someone I know, and it will of course be the day when I nip up the shops with no bra, trackie daks and no shoes. Classy.

11. That despite my best efforts I am forgetting funny things my kids say and do, how they are right now. Taking photos and video certainly helps a lot. I laugh at so much during the day and wish I could remember it all.

12. Don't laugh. But for as long as I can remember I have to shut the wardrobe doors before going to bed. I know right! ah well. I can see myself at 86, still shutting the doors,


Daddyo said...

Im scared to tell you I got a speeding fine this morning.

Kidding :-)

Hands and Hearts said...

Grrrr, cheeky.

Louisa said...

I am SO with you on numbers 7 & 8. Number 7 in particular was a huge fear of mine when I was first pregnant - I just wanted a boy so I could avoid it all. I also confess, I am with you on number 12!!!

Hands and Hearts said...

Louisa, glad to know I am not alone, especially number 12!