Monday, 28 September 2009

second verse same as the first........

I know!! What the heck? 26 days go by and not even a little hello from me, what a slacker. Or is that, busy? Meh.

Sooo many things have happened in the last few weeks, children's comments, places we have visited, new foods tried and hated.

One in particular I have enjoyed is seeing the other side of the state we live in. It has been so much fun to find new places, playgrounds for the children of course, and food, always food, sigh.

One of the recent weekends we went to an Island that is now very close to us. We drove there and visited a tourist stop. A huge building, with one side entirely glass, so you can eat your overpriced food and drink and watch the ocean. Not that the children cared about the view, oh no, not when there is an indoor play area to conquer.

When we were leaving we decided to have a look around near the beach. I am still laughing. The wind was so strong it was literally blowing children over. And what did I do as a loving, caring, protective parent? You might be thinking help the children. Wrong. I was laughing so hard my sides were hurting. Thankfully some of the children thought it was funny too. One cried when sand stung their eyes and face.

We made it back to the car safely, with our freshly wind and sand blown exfoliated faces.
We also stopped off for home made chocolates, apparently made from the finest Belgian chocolate. The kids were happy to eat theirs, but hub and I agreed we are quite the chocolate snobs, and have a taste for only what we like. We also agreed not to venture outside the chocolate bubble we love.

Two days later this post is still sitting here, sigh. As you can imagine I am interrupted a lot, and have to keep coming back to write.
Today we visited a book store, that also has art and crafts. After what seemed like forever with children changing their minds, we finally all settles on what we wanted and headed to the counter.
As the woman checked all the books, she pointed to the toddler in the stroller "And that book too?" I looked down. Cap. The toddler was chomping on a book about animal health.
I groaned. "No, that was not meant to be included"
Well, tough luck woman, that will be fifteen dollars on top of what you have already. I grumbled as I handed over my card.

As we hopped into the car, the toddler was smiling her big, cheesy smile. Ah well. It really could have been worse. She could have grabbed on the 80 dollar books that were sitting at child height.

I have now put a call out to friends, if they want the book. I am sending it free of charge. I have no animals, and clearly no need for an animal health book!

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