Thursday, 31 July 2008

When Wednesday...

...on Thursday, again!

When someone replies to a post you made on a site 8 years ago!

Last week I received an email from a site I joined 8 years ago. It was a fairly new site about tracing family trees. In my research I hit a dead end so thought I would post to see if anyone could help me find more information.
My husband is rolling his eyes now and from here will skim through to the end, I can feel the love!

Anyhoo so last week another person joined up and started searching their tree and found my post. As it turns out her great grand father, and my great grandfather were brothers. She had bits and pieces that I didn't have, and vice versa. From there she put me on to another person she found who gave her info also. So all 3 of us have been passing info back and forth. It is very exciting and I am enjoying adding details and giving them out.

You can read again now dear!

Friday, 25 July 2008

The cause of many fussy nights.....

Babies first tooth!!
While I was out getting tea Huz discovered the first tooth and was quite chuffed to show me. Sure enough a teeny sharp tooth is there, just emerged.
Sigh, it's all down hill from here. More teeth, crawling, talking, walking, time flies!

Thursday, 24 July 2008

When Wednesday....

...on Thursday. I overslept, puh! This week's When Wednesday is brought to you by our 2 year old, again. Maybe it's the age that draws attention to all things that drive me batty?Here he is looking at the milk he just spilled. I turned the corner to see him on the floor with the bottle. He looked at me and pointed at the milk "Look dat" The look on his face told me he was just as shocked as I was.
"Yes, darling son I can't believe it either!"Hmmmmm, angry or camera? You know the rest.

Please not the gorgeous floor around the stove/oven. Cork flooring from the 70's. (Did anything not fugly come from the 70's??)That bit is the last to be pulled up before the new flooring is put down. What a glorious day that will be. I'm sure the kids will be overjoyed to have floor back, so they can slide all the way from the kitchen to the other end of house again.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Grown adult woman can count to 5!

So today we went out shopping. All of us. Crazy? Why yes I am!
I needed some containers for flour, sugar etc and also 2 pillows for our boys.
When I go out I try to be as quick as possible, avoid eye contact and keep the children close and focused on moving forward, fast!
Most times we go out I can get away with one, maybe two people telling me I have my hands full, or the favourite of late "Are they all yours?"
The latter I find most amusing. Why do people ask this? Do they think I am doing it for fun, with random children I have collected through the shops?

Anyway, back to today. After the 5th comment I tried to tune out. As we were leaving however a women stopped us. "Are they all yours?"
"You've got your hands full"
"That's what they say"
"one, two, three, four, five" With finger pointing at each one.

What am I meant to say as someone does this, with other people looking!!!
Should I clap my hands and congratulate them on counting to five? Something my 2 year old can do?!
Of course the children love a chat and didn't think anything of it, apart from being annoyed at me pushing them from behind with the stroller and saying "Move it" out the corner of my mouth.

Of course the fun didn't stop there, we then had 5 ramps to run and scream down to get to our level. I figured what the hell, people are looking anyway. So I joined in by pushing my son in the stroller fast while he squealed with delight, loving how the stroller could go on two wheels around the corners!
May as well give the people some entertainment while they stare hey?

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

When Wednesday

When toddlers are smarter than you think....darn it!Here is our not long turned 2 year old and our new pantry cupboard. Notice it has no door handle? Yes, on purpose. Huz fixed an arm loop lock to the top of the cupboard so only he and I and our eldest can open it.
So we thought!
We busted him, the little innovator, with the broom, flicking the lock open. Then he got his little fingers under the door and pulled it open.
We are annoyed, but filled with pride!

Maybe a combination lock next?

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Conversations at our house lately...

Eldest son to Daddy "Where you born before the very first TV was made?"
Me, covering my mouth trying not burst into laughter. How funny that we feel so young, yet in the child's eyes we seem old enough to have witnessed the first television.
For the record we are children of the 70's :)

Second son to me " Years ago, when I was only 5, I loved playing cowboys!" His is now 6.

Today we went to the Optician for yet another replacement frame for our eldest. On the way home we discussed again where we could put them so darling master 2 years old cannot reach, or get to them. We agreed up on top of the sliding door in my room is best, as from down low little ones can't see them.
Fingers crossed everyone!!

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

When Wednesday

When you need to cool down..... and you're wearing pink gumboots!!

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Bubs first word..

Dadda, followed by Dadadadadadadadadadada for the rest of the day, and every day since :) Huz is quite chuffed.
She looks at him and says it, with big smiles. She knows who he is.
We are now 3 to 2. Three of our children have said Mumma first, and now two have said Dada first.
All those people who tell you babes always say Dada first, nope! I was thrilled to pieces when our first babe said Mumma first. Of course I loved that he would look at me and say Mumma, but the cherry on top was that everyone kept telling us he would say Dada.
After telling everyone a few said they didn't believe it, he must have just been mumbling, until they saw him and he said it. Oh the surprise! Who was a happy mumma? :)

I may have pouted a teeny bit when bubs said Dadda loud and clear in the car last Friday, but I am not phased at all. I love watching her talk away and squeal at her Dadda when she sees him.

Monday, 7 July 2008


Her answer? "I wanted to look like you Mummy"
Awww, who can get upset at that?
My hint for other parents, and parents to be.... take a deep breath, then decide, get angry or get the camera?
(For the record, I only put mascara on my eye lashes, not all over my face, lol)

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

When Wednesday

When toddlers/younger siblings attack

My eldest son's 2nd pair of glasses. Same lenses, 2nd frames. What happened to the first pair? Toddler 2 found them and thought he would test his strength on them.
So we went to the Optician and bought a new frame and the same lenses were able to go straight in.
The other day I heard crying. This is never good. Especially followed "No, No, No, what did you do?" Of course I could have taken a deep breath and asked what was wrong and then dealt with it calmly. But nope. I yelled out 'What the heck is going on?"
Eldest son is crying inconsolably, holding the pieces in his hands.
I couldn't believe it. He did it again. Now on the one hand he is only 2 and still learning about right and wrong and how to focus his incredible strength for good. On the other hand we had told eldest son to keep his glasses in his top drawer so said toddler could not reach them.
This weekend will bring another pair of frames and a shelf to go up on the wall next to the top bunk. I am thinking a shelf that can hold a lockable container should do the trick.
Fingers crossed.