Sunday, 4 September 2011

I need to Pee

Yup, no such thing as TMI on this blog.

"Needing to go to the toilet is very common at the start of the first trimester and end of third trimester. You will more than likely have a break in between."


Why do so many 'information and advice' articles and books say this? Ask 50 pregnant women and I guarantee those who had that nice break are in the minority.

Telling women this sets us up (ok me) to whinge and complain even more. This pregnancy I have not had a break AT ALL. All day at least every half hour, all night it stretches to every hour.
This is when I get that feeling. But do I go straight away? Of course not. I am a grown adult who still tries to ignore it, cause, you know, it might go away. Ha!

Empathy to all the Mummas out there who know what I am talking about.

Here's to the last trimester!


apwool said...

I actually thought it was normal to need to go allllllll the time all the way through.. Weird. I obviously don't read enough articles and books, LOL.

Loads of sympathy xox

Hellena Post said...

All my empathy to you darlin....I'm needing to wee a lot too, but not as often as you so my heart goes out to you...but do you get the thing that when you need to go you really need to go RIGHT THEN or you wet your pants?? Happening to me all the time at the moment....:) So as one 'grand multiparous' woman to another...good luck with it all. And hey, do you reckon that when the great multiparousness gets over 7 children, we become 'grand high multiparous' women?? :) So when are you due?? I'm due in January.....travelling well apart from the wee wee thing??

Clare said...

I am thinking you read the 'right' kind of books Apwool ;)The no bullshit kind. Tell it like it is :)

Ugh Hellena, shocking isn't it!
Thankfully I am able to hold on for a bit after I first get the feeling. I have roughly a half hour threshold to get to a loo, and by the half hour I am bursting, and pushing over small children to get there first lol

Oooohh Grand High Multipara sounds fantastic :)And I love that I scrape it in with Lucky #7 hehe
This bubba is 'due' in December, and with the other munchkins choosing their own birthdays between 38 and 42 weeks, the range is fairly wide to take a guess from :) It's something that helps get me through the last uncomfy stage, waiting to see what day bub likes best :D

Travelling well, apart form the wee thing, and another big baby thing. I know I shouldn't complain, given the babes are all healthy, but they grow so fast damnit! A widdle bubba would have been nice, to enjoy being smaller for longer. Just another fun guessing game to add :)