Saturday, 28 May 2011

Where I'm at

Now that I am up the duff, with child, in the family way, pregnant or my least favourite old fashioned term that makes me shudder 'in confinement' things have changed a little.

I am not walking much, or moving much in general really. I am soooo tired, and nausea is with me all day and all night. Like that friend that just will never leave your side.

When I am pregnant I add in a few extra things to my diet. Spirulina, Floradix and if being more vigilant about drinking water.

The first trimester is a killer for me. Extra tired, very cranky, feeling like I am going to vomit all day and night, my patience is nearly non existent and I just want to bite off everyone's heads, everything is annoying me. I hate feeling this way. It is annoying and drives me bonkers.

Not long until the second trimester and fingers crosses close behind will be me feeling much better, and people will want to be around me again.

I had a strong urge to run away from everything lately. Brisbane was popping up everywhere I look and I started feeling nostalgic again about it. The nicer weather up there in winter is such a draw card. Tee shirts in the middle of winter, sigh. I even looked up houses in the area we used to live just to see how much they were at the moment.
I think it was actually making me feel worse. So last night I cracked open the house design software again and worked more on our house plan. I also looked up house plans, I love looking through them.
On my travels I also found the fire place that is almost exactly how I want ours in our living area.

I felt much better after looking through pictures, plans and making progress on our own house.
I don't know why I have such itchy feet. I lived in the one area for over 20 years and was fine. Yet somehow I get the feeling of wanting to move every year or so.
I spoke with hub more about it and we do have to put the kids first. A place where they can stay for a long time, be with their friends, play in their sports and activities and enjoy being in one place.

This doesn't stop the itchy feet of course! So we will be making sure we have as many trips away as we can, and hopefully in a few years we will be able to get to point where we can spend 2 months of the year somewhere around Aus. Preferably in winter, so we can go somewhere warm.

So that is where I am at. For the moment.


Jen's Busy Days said...

I am from Brisbane too. Lived there from 1985 to 2003. In my time away I have lived in Tasmania and am now in NSW so I know what you mean about weather-envy. We couldn't afford to buy back there now. I too will be dreaming of a home of my own but it will have to be a few years yet and away from expensive cities.

I am sure you will be fine soon. Look after yourself.

Best wishes
Jen in NSW

Sazz said...

Hey, I've been thinking of you heaps lately. Hope you're feeling my love from 'afar' and it's easing the nausea (that's all I wish for you! Actually, that's not true, I also wish for many pairs of helping hands and you not having to lift a finger in the name of parenting or household duties!).

I totally get the itchy feet thing, especially when feeling crap. We've been going though some of that ourselves.

Missing you xoxo

(I shit you not, the word verification I've got is "pregi" LMAO!)