Monday, 20 June 2011

Oh yeah, I have a blog.

"So, I used to read this blog. There would be a post every couple of days, now it's just quiet. A shame really as I loved reading regularly. You may have heard of it, it's called "With Hands and Hearts Full"

"Good one Hun. Yes I know I know. There is so much I have to write about it, it feels a little overwhelming really. What do I want others to read, what do I keep to myself. Not to mention some of my thoughts I know will cause a stir. Gah."

It is true, I have so much going around in my head the last few months. News articles that touch me greatly, others opinions based on what they think, rather than what they have studied themselves that I feel furious about, People who say one thing yet I know they do the opposite leaving others to be led to believe they are someone they are not, building a house while pregnant and home edding with 6 munchkins, people who really, really should NOT have children, a harsh judgement I know but it's the truth I see with my own eyes, and through the mouths of said parents themselves, and of course the bane of my existence, trying to keep things in some sort of organised chaos.

Along with all this we have had 3 birthdays in just over a month, Hub getting a vasectomy(woot) and us celebrating being together for 17 years.
Our eldest spent an evening in the ER with Hub a week ago after he had his hand slammed in a door while chasing his younger brother who slammed said door as oldest put his hand out. A few hours a stitches later he was home and feeling better.

I am not feeling 100% yet. This pregnancy has me all over the place, emotionally mostly. There is so much happening around here, I feel like I am overwhelmed and cannot do it. So Hub and I had a chat and have changed a few things. He is now taking over all the budget, bills, money going out etc. We will be having a 'changeover' next week and then he will take over. I have a diary just for money and budget, it is a huge help and does make it a lot easier. I know Hub will catch on fast, and the weight off my shoulders will be a huge help.

I will keep on with the paperwork and what is needed for the house to move it forward. I can make phone calls in the day which Hub can't. It is not much to do in these stages so no stress at all. It's still in the exciting phase.
I have 99% finished drawing up our plan and am quite chuffed with it if I do say so myself. It includes a kids retreat, 5 bedrooms and my favourite a large walk in pantry that will hold lots of shelving, a chest freezer and full fridge. I won't post much about it here, as not everyone gets as excited as Hub and I about house plans, paint colours, kitchens, windows, doors, barns and the list goes on and on! If you are interested you can follow us at our house blog here.

I'll do my best to write more often, ok hub.


Anonymous said...


Love to read your posts and I am dying to read some of the juicy posts that are circulating in your head :-)

Daddyo said...

I agree