Friday, 6 May 2011

Things I know

Playing along with Shae at Yay for Home!

~ Most people have no idea what homeschooling is.

~ The same 'most' people will tall you all the things wrong with home education and how they knew a friend once who had a neighbour and the child was homeschooled and went crazy one day and drove a car into a baby animal farm. (Yes, the stories are that crazy)

~ Most people will take YOUR decision to home educate YOUR children personally. One of the first responses I get is "But have you been to our school and checked it out, it's fantastic"
"That's nice, for YOU. We are happy how things are" Insert very big, cheesy smile.

~ 99% of the time the next questions is "Is it for religious reasons?" (This is especially true for me when they see my children, and nod their heads as they count to six

~ Most people will tell you (based on facts from their neighbours cousins postie) that only teachers are allowed to home educate their children. NOT TRUE! Anyone person can do it!
Just smile here, or if you are feeling really bold look around you, then back at the person and say "Ssshh we don't want the cops to be called on us"

~ Your eyes will glaze over upon being asked the million dollar question "What about Socialisation?"
You can answer this in so many fun ways. One mum I know said "That's ok, we're vaccinated for that"
Another fun way, which I like is to look at them with a serious face and ask "What do you mean" They usually go on about children needing to interact with other children and people, and learn how to 'be' in the real world.
You can then say "Well we go to the library, shopping, visit an elderly peoples home once a week, dancing, Basket Ball, Swimming, Scouts, visiting with grandparents and family every week, running their home ed group with other home ed children, going to camps, helping out with our family meal planning and budget, they also play in the local music band and take bread to local families every few weeks. Any of that Socialisation?"

~ People will try and quiz your child, more than likely right in front of you, some weird math or science question that they themselves more than likely don't know. This frustrates me soooo much. Do not try and make my child out to be an idiot, because more than likely you will not only fail, but he will make you look like the idiot you are.

~ Sometimes you just want to get away from the idiots. Smile politely and say you have to run. Then run!

~ Most people will tell you they would love to do that but........(insert several reasons from they work, to their kids drive them crazy enough in the holidays)
I do not care why, and I am not saying this in a mean or facetious way. I am truly just not phased what you do with your children. If they and you are happy then cool!
However, I will demand, and deserve, your respect back also, for how my family works.

~ Most people will assume you think you are better than them. Again not true, and don't care. Neither of you are better, you are simply travelling along a different path. Different strokes and all that.

~ At the end of the day we are all doing what we truly believe is right for our child/ren and family at the time. We all love our children, and it does no one any favours, in particular our children who are listening and watching us more than we realise, to be rude to people, either to their face or behind their backs.
How nice it would be to live in a world were we could just live and let live when it comes to the education of our kids.


Anonymous said...

You forgot one of my favourite, or 2 actually LOL -

That most of the time people who aren't homeschooling will assume that you do hardcore school at home and people who are homeschooling will usually assume that you are unschooling. (Happens to me every time...)

And also that just like people that send their kids to school often see it as the only way, so too do a lot of homeschoolers about their chosen approach to homeschooling.

I wish people would just get over the whole using curriculum vs unschooling thing, do what works and is best for your own family, curriculum or not, who cares?!

And LMAO at quizzing your kids, our swimming teacher asked the boys what schooling they were going to do after swimming and Indy said 'That's for later!' and Jet said 'Watch TV!!'
I wasn't sure whether to die of embarrassment or laugh.... I laughed, a lot, because it was true!

acalmgreen said...

Thanks for enlightening me on home schooling.

I'd consider it for the early primary years but I don't think I would honestly have the patience to do the job well enough.

here from Things I know.

shae said...

I'm using the vax for socialization one next time :D

2_boysanda_girl said...

Fab love it, since we made the decision I have had this assumed drives me bananas...

Marita said...

I love this "That's ok, we're vaccinated for that" re the socialisation :D

We part time home schooled last year and it was great.

Both girls are in full time mainstream school this year but it is a real relief to me to know that home schooling is always an option should mainstream not work out.