Wednesday, 15 December 2010


I have a Masters Degree in Procrastination. I am so good at it, it scares me at times.
At the moment I am sitting on my arse looking up random crap on the computer.
What I could and should be doing is....

~ Washing, including folding two loads and putting them away.

~ Cleaning the kitchen and dining

~ Sorting out the list of presents that need to be bought

~ Staying away from Book Depository. Fuck I love that store!

~ Clearing all the random crap all over the front and back yards and either tossing them in the bin, cleaning them or putting them where they need to go. Random crap includes, a light sabre, spoons, cups, bowls, bikes, paper planes that have come to a crash landing and are now soggy in the rain, empty plastic water bottles and a sock.

~ Filing all the paperwork I have all over the house.

~ Getting the kids ready for swimming and packing the bag.

~ Writing a list of what we need for the Birthday Party this weekend. I am kind of in denial about this still. If I push it aside it means it's not happening right?

~ Checking to see if the kids have done a half decent job of cleaning out the bus.

Lots for me to do! Yeah, but no, I just can't be bovered.

Book Depository(no this is not a paid post, I just freaking love them) has soooo many books I want. It is a tad embarrassing how long my wish list is.
I am also lusting over some books for the older boys. Next year they are wanting to do more Geography and History. Which is great as I can mix them together and cover several subjects/topics in one day. Sweet!

I am also checking all the things for the Nevus Camp. I am so excited about it for our little man. A Dolphin visit, movies, visit to the zoo and lots of fun activities for kids. We will be taking a LOT of photos!
Amongst all the birthday and Christmas stuff to organise I then have the Camp to get ready, packed and organised for less than 2 weeks later!

I really don't have enough to do. Maybe we should have another baby.


the dad said...


alecat said...

Oooops, I just not-accidently sent you a 10% voucher for Book Dep. I hope that won't distract you too much!!
Catherine xx

Clare said...

The Light Saber is safe, chillax :)

Catherine, lol I LOVE the sent not accidentally voucher, and so do the children who keep sending me emails with book lists they want :D
Just a small order this time hehe