Thursday, 9 December 2010

In a Funk

I am in such a funk at the moment. I am told it is because Mercury is in renegade until the 30th by some people, others tell me I have 6 kids, so um der, others tell me I should put the kids in school then, ha! smile and wave at that one! and others who know me and my ways well tell me to HTFU and start making changes to what I want my life to be.
I wonder if there is something in all of the above. Maybe.

I feel tired within an hour of getting up. I am forgetting to take my vitamin tablet everyday as I am not in my morning routine. The washing is seriously multiplying, clothes basket shenanigans happening at night for sure.

I am stuck in 'I can't be bothered' mode and I want out. We have visitors coming this weekend (yay!) and next weekend we have the BABY'S first birthday and party. Yes, baby. Still a baby to me. Then a week later, Christmas.

I have no choice but to drag my bum out of bed now and get cracking, or it all will not get done.
Writing lists helps me too. Even if I lose the list ten minutes later. Having written things out helps me feel organised.

So, first thing that would be the biggest help is turning off the computer! Yep, it's a hard one, but as Rose Hancock once said "Tough Titties."


apwool said...


Kidding, LOL

Mmm yeah I have gotten waaaaaaay back into having far too much puter time, this year has been such a bitch I think its what I turn to for comfort and to take my mind off stuff.

The year is almost over, may the new year be better than this one, may it bring you out of your funk and feeling better :)

I can help with the washing on the weekend if you like, not sure I fold stuff your way ;) But I'm a fast learner LMAO


Nat said...

Hugs. Everyone gets in a funk now and then. Yeah, I know you know that. :)

(Oh and yes you really should put those kids in school. Because parents who put their kids in school *never* find themselves in a funk.)

Sazz said...

argh, hate funks! So not funky ;) I was in one for most of 2008. I hope and what you need to get your mojo back.

I'm so looking forward to seeing you this weekend, squeeeeeeeee!

Clare said...

apwool, a widdle dose of HTFU was taken last night. Feeeling better already :)
Bring on the New Year! For us it starts next week, with Bubs birthday. woot
I LOL'd at the folding. hehe even hub still hasn't gotten it right after all these years. But I have faith in you, you'll get it :)

Thanks Nat, funks are hard hey.
And yes, exactly about parents of schooled kids. People need to realise it's a parent thing, no matter where the kids are.

Looking forward to it Sazz! A lovely day ahead of us :)

Anonymous said...

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RaisingDaisies said...

(((Hugs Clare))). I have BTDT, often there doing that, actually. It's been some crazy here the last few weeks with 2 birthdays and Thanksgiving hosted here and me being soooo tired also, so I can totally relate. Keep on, keeping on! There can only be so many dirty clothes and dishes, it won't grow forever, so let them be and get some rest if you need it ;-)

PS. what does HTFU mean...I *think* I know what the last 3 letters mean, but the H has thrown me, LOL!

Clare said...

Thanks Raising Daisies, it certainly helps knowing others go through funks too. Life certainly ebbs and flows!
I have been thinking of you lots in this busy season. It would be tiring enough with all that on, but then add in growing a beautiful babe. Hope you are taking it easy and able to rest when you can. (Hard I know with 6 Daisies!)
You are so right about the wshing and dishes, they will always be there.
HTFU is Harden The F Up lol

Clare said...

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Thank you for reading my blog and I am glad to hear you enjoy it.
At the moment I am not looking to have a guest blogger.
I know too well the importance of the Early Childhood years as I have degrees in Education, in Early Childhood and Primary Level.
I blog myself now and then about this aspect of my life and how it interconects with homeschooling my children.

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