Thursday, 13 May 2010

Thursday Op Shop

When I was little I would love going to Trash and Treasure markets with my Dad. We would go for him to sell/browse/buy car parts.
I would often buy trinkets and little statues that caught my fancy. My bedroom dresser , desk and window sill were covered with these trinkets, all arranged how I liked them.

Recently we purchased a buffet and hutch for all our homeschool books and pieces. I will post the pics of it soon. I promise april!
We have kept our paint brushes together with a hair band and I was wanting something a bit nicer. A little jar or something. So I popped down to our 2 local Op Shops, they are across the road from each other which is perfect.

I am quite fussy with Op shopping. If I don't find something I really want it stays. Sometimes this means I am kicking myself the next day when I think about something I left but should have bought. Like the 2 tapestry hoops I left last week, one dollar for the pair. If you know about hoops then you know how cheap they were! Not to worry I know more will come my way.

I find it relaxing, fun and sometimes exciting. It is also something for me to do with the babe, or on my own.

These finds are from last week. Quality Streets chocolate and Toffee tin. Who doesn't either have or remember one of these at their house or a friends, or grandparents. Filled with buttons, pins, nails, little knick knacks. It was 50 cents, and so I grabbed it. The preserve jar had no price on it and was sold to me for 20 cents.
The material is a large 'scrap' piece for 60 cents. It is about a square metre and I really loved the pattern. It reminds me of our house in the 80s and I thought it would be cute for something come Spring.

More Op Shop finds coming next week!

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