Sunday, 16 May 2010

Hello, I 'can' see you, grrrr

I am fine when people give a second look.
I am fine when I see peoples heads bobbing as they count us all.
I am fine when I look in the corner of my sunnies and see every car that passes us have a really good look.

But I am not fine with comments or words spoken about us when we can see and hear you!
Show a bit of respect and wait for us to have left the same space as you.

Gah, just one of those moments. I know, brush it off, blah blah. But Damn it, today I whinge.


crazy mumma said...

Some people are so stupid. The questions about your sanity, relgious persauaion or even your sex life get pretty old pretty quickly.
Hugs from one bigger family to another

Anonymous said...

Oh :( ((hugs))

Whinge away I say, there's nothing to be gained from bottling feelings and only sharing happy moments ;)


Nat said...

People suck, but you rock. Hugs.

loz said...

The BIGGEST of ((HUGS)) people are rude plain and simple they should keep their opinions to themselves!

tiff(threeringcircus) said...

I hear you on all of that.
Hugs, somedays it's hard to brush it off.