Saturday, 29 May 2010

Another year over, a new one begun

Hub is now 31. There is no denying you are in your thirties when you turn 31.
The first time I knew I really liked him was the night before his 15th birthday. We were at a mutual friends party.
I still remember what we were both wearing, and how I had an annoying pimple in the middle of my forehead. The joys of being a young teenager.

My first thoughts were "Fire truck this guy is tall!" At 14 he was already 6ft 4.
There were a few of us all talking and I remember making Hub stand downhill, so I could see his face better.
He was funny, and made me laugh. He was friendly and kind. I also noted very quickly he was not up himself, or preoccupied with himself or an asshat, like many boys that age were. I liked this a lot.

We starting going out in the usual way you do when you are young. Friends did it without us even having to talk to each other. It was scary but so exciting. The kind were you are shitting yourself, but your heart is pounding with excitement at the same time.

Here we are at 15. The term 'babies' comes to mind when I see these young faces. The jeans I am wearing I loved, along with my oh so hot check shirt from Portmans. Oh the days when I cared about labels.

Going out with someone from a young age, and now still being together means a huge chunk of growing up in between. We finished high school, went on to uni, had jobs, and our fair share of fights and arguments along the way.
A lot over such stupid, little things. If only I could go back and tell our younger selves to not sweat the small stuff, and just enjoy being young with freedom and not too much responsibility.
Hindsight, sigh.

Our wedding. While driving to our photo location we were stopped at the traffic lights. A guy in a car across yelled out "Don't do it!" Hub just smiled back and said "It's too late!"

That day I married the awesome father of our beautiful boy, and my best friend. We have changed a lot since that day, sometimes I think more than from getting together as teens to that day.

Hub knows me very well, sometimes too well. A lot of the time we don't even have to talk. This can great and frustrating at the same time.
There are times we are so in sync that we will yawn, or sigh or say the exact same thing together. I guess after 16 years you blend together a little.

16 years, a lot of tears, laughter, gut wrenching pain and agony, buying land and houses, joy, fun and 6 awesome children who have taught us the biggest lessons of our lives and our relationship.
I am thankful that my children have a hard working father, both for his work and his family. A father who doesn't follow others and what is the done thing, but follows his heart and his children's lead.

Before you get too teary about how wonderful my hub is, I just want to add he does shit my up the wall with his snoring, huge shoes left all over the damn place, his one selfish weakness that can make him not think straight ~ Motor bikes, socks left on the floor the wrong way out... and I'll leave it there.

Because someone once said that as much as you might hate those socks on the floor, you would rather them be there than not. A reminder to again not sweat the small stuff. Focus on the big things.

The big thing being that I am so fortunate to be sharing my life with my best friend. The only person in the world who has stood up for me, emotionally, spiritually and physically, whether he agreed with me or not. A man who not only likes how passionate and crazy I am about everything from birth, breastfeeding, parenting and children, but encourages and supports me.

I think one of our bigger tests will come soon as we embark on building our next, and final house together. Let's remember to take deep breaths hun.

Happy Birthday to you my husband. Thank you for hanging in there for the good times and not so good, on this crazy journey called our life.


Daddyo said...


I wouldnt be the man I am today without you in my life.

Love you

Nat said...

Awwww, well that's just beautiful. Such an inspirational example of a committed marriage and awesome family. May you have many more years ahead of you. xxo