Thursday, 13 May 2010

Real tears

As some may or may not know we are commercial TV free. We still have ABC and the kids can watch a dvd now and then.
Our TV was quite nice when we first got it. However for some reason the TV's at the time all had buttons and plugs at the front. Clearly designed by a childless person.

Several years later the cover at the front is missing, all but one button is gone, and the spots for the plugs(so technical aren't I?) are moving, and one I just discovered is hanging out.
Every time something new happens to destroy the TV even more the kids will tell me "Oh yeah that happened last week" or "Yeah Daddy knows" and my favourite "It's been like that for ages"

The colour was going all fuzzy just before, and I was told about the latest thing gone wrong. I said it looks like there will be no TV soon. But we can fix it, Daddy can fix it, It's just the plug, we can buy more.
Sorry my children it is the actual TV that is falling apart and when it dies we won't be replacing it.

Oh my, the looks on their faces. I do believe there was tears in their eyes.

And of course ten seconds later the 2 year old grabs the scissors that the 5 year old had been using and tries to cut the edge of my laptop, and now there is a scratch on it. I am joining in on the crying.
I wonder if my warranty covers it? Is that lame though? For a teensy scratch.

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