Sunday, 24 January 2010

You look different. A new hairdo?

Just a bit of a face lift. I felt like I wanted a change. Something a bit more bright, and cheery.
I am still working out where I want the gadgets, and am also adding more. Bare with me.
A change is as good as a holiday right?

A HUGE thank you to Apwool for helping me through the changeover and making me laugh along the way late last night.


Swift Jan said...

OOh i Like it!!! Very pretty :)

Hearts and Hands said...

Thank you :) I never realised how hard it was choosing a template! Took me quite a while to pick one. Funy thing is I saw your template and thought oh I like that, it looks familiar though. lol Then I realised it was yours and laughed. Good taste :)

Nat said...

I've been dying for a new template for ages myself and never found one I like. Maybe I need to enlist apwool's help too.