Thursday, 7 January 2010

3 weeks...

All the pics of 'new baby' have her looking umm, wide eyed mixed with a bit of shock. Maybe it is the flash that takes her by surprise. Here she is in a gorgeous little outfit from my sister. She also gave bub a similar outfit that says I love Daddy, they are very cute.

Our sweet, darling, beautiful 6th child, decided the week before Christmas was the perfect time to be born. A crazy, manic time of year. I guess on reflection it is Hub and I should blame for the timing. A December baby, sure!

The last 3 weeks have been very busy, and that is even with taking things easy. New baby, Christmas, New year, heading over the other side of town to see my Doctor, then into the city to give them the millions of forms they want to make my baby legal. (The last one being a very small price to pay for having an unhindered birth.)

Amongst all that there has been visits with grand parents, family and friends, spending an hour or 5 on the net and computer sorting out all the plans we have for homeschooling this year, meal planning, and enjoying Hub being home while on 'Holidays' from work. In reality he has worked his butt of the last 5 weeks and I am very grateful to have a Husband like him. Just as I know he is grateful to have a wife who can birth his humongous children :)
Amongst the 3 weeks we have also taken a LOT of photos. This one captures my almost 2 year old (eek!!) and 5 year old little women. Taking a photo of just one child in our house is not really easy, there is always someone else running in the shot to join in. This is what happened here. My 5 year old wanted me to take a pic of her lack of teeth, and her little sister ran over saying :me too, me too, me cheeeeeese"

Three week old baby. You would be hard pressed to find a more loved, cherished, and adored baby. Sometimes a little too much love from the 1 year old, but it's all good. There is always an older sibling wanting to snuggle her.

And of course the token photo of one of the children asleep on Daddy.

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Sazz said...

"Just as I know he is grateful to have a wife who can birth his humongous children :)" ROFL!!!!

Lovely post. That pic of the girls is gorgeous and of course so is the sleeping on daddy one :D