Friday, 22 January 2010

When you're not watching......

A few times I have found my camera in places where I know I did not leave it. Today when Hub was uploading some pics we found close to 50 photos neither of us took, nor did the older children.

By photo number 4 we knew who it was. It helps that the little photographer was taking self portraits. A you will see below.

He also took some pictures of the room he shares with his sister. Yes, we shop at Ikea.

His bed. Well, part of it.

His hand. Who knows what is going through a 3 year old mind.

For some reason he moved into the kitchen and took a picture of inside the cupboard, under the sink.

Ooooh very interesting!! Bowls!

1 comment:

Sazz said...

Hahaha that is too cute. I love that he took a photo of the pipes under the sink. I wish I could jump inside his brain and see what he makes of it :)