Friday, 8 August 2008

When life gets busy and you...realise it's friday again!

Wow, how fast is the time going? It is for me at least. I am sooo excited about so many things! Selling our house, moving to a new house, homeschooling now being much smoother, children learning and growing like weeds, our baby getting another tooth Sunday just gone and laughing and smiling at everyone, ahh I could go on.

This weekend we will be in the car for a total of 10 hours! I can feel my eye twitching as I type. I can hear the fights already, someone will no doubt breathe on someone else, or look out someone else's window, or hold their finger an inch away from another's nose and say "But I'm not touching you"
It's all about the memories though isn't it?! Huz mentioned some new game/tv/dvd electronic thing the kids can watch while we drive. I'm sure he could see my eyes glazing over. "And miss out on all that memory making?" I said "To me it is screaming, fighting, squealing, whining, sooking, no doubt crying and clothes being taken off 5 minutes down the road" He replied

But that is all part of the fun of long trips in the car!!!!

This next part will have two people at least laughing. I am still yet to pack. It is nearly 11:30. Huz and the 2 year old are both asleep and snoring on the chair together. The dadda and his mini me! Our 2 year old is so much like his daddy is is both cute and annoying at the same time. He can drive me bananas, but then look at me with his bog blue eyes and say "wha?" as he shrugs one shoulder, and I can't help but laugh.

We are hoping to see Whales when we are away. I wasn't going to tell them about the whales, just in case we didn't see any, as that would cause tantrums for sure on the way home. But I figure if it wasn't the whales they will find something else to complain and cry about. More than likely because someone is an inch over 'their' side of the seat.

Wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

ROFL I thought of you last night when I was jumping into bed...around 11:30pm, wondering if you had indeed packed yet ;)

loz said...

Happy Birthday to little miss 4

Good Luck on the drive I hope everyone has lots of fun can't wait to hear all about it