Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Conversations today...

Mummy "Who else wants a sandwich?"
Eldest Son " Oooh me, me!"
Mummy "OK" makes sandwich, hands to son who then says
"You can eat now too"
Well, thank you! Glad to be of service to you all first!

Eldest Son "How about we keep this house for kids to play in and we buy another house for us to play in"
Mummy "Sure, go grab the money off the tree in the backyard for me"

Me in the kitchen, kids in the loungeroom
Son "What's that noise?"
Me "Nothing"
Son "What are you eating?"
Me "Nothing"
Son walking closer to me "You are eating" snif, snif "It's chocolate!, Can I have some?"
Me "I have nothing!"
All kids "Can we have chocolate?"
Me "It's all gone, he he"
(Yes I am a big meanie for not sharing. So little pleasures are just for me, I'll grab anything when I can)

Part one of our weekend away is here, scroll down :)

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