Wednesday, 31 March 2010

When Wednesday

When you glance away for a second this happens.....

What still feels like a newborn,

Is 3 months old.

Babies with older siblings, what a wonderful thing. The baby is adored, held, cuddled, kissed, entertained with crazy toddler dancing and loved.

The siblings learn the joys, fun, laughter and the not so great parts like being poo'd or vomited on from their baby brother or sister.

How lucky she is, how lucky we are.

Slow down bubba, let's enjoy the ride.


Hellena Post said...

Gorgeous...I'm really looking forward to the anticipated arrival of my twins...and so are my 4 small children!! At 8, 6, 3 and 1, they're all looking forward to the new ones in our family...I imagine there's gonna be lots of what you described. Thanks!

loz said...

My turn to say slow down bubba but nawwwww smiling photos are the best

Daddyo said...

They look like strong hands ;)

Anonymous said...

The time passes ever so quickly, doesn't it? Savour every moment!

Jillian ♥

crazy mumma said...

Sweet! There is nothing like a baby entertained my their many older brothers and sisters.

Hands and Hearts said...

lol Loz, yes, your turn :)
Jillian it really does fly by. I used to roll my eyes when my mum said that when I was little, but now I am here and see how true it is.

We just need to try and not wish away the days hey :)