Saturday, 6 March 2010

Someone ate the Baby!

Today over at Family from the Fringes, I was reminded of a poem, a controversial poem. Some find it humorous and can see the dark witty side to it, and others felt such distaste (pun intended) and disgust for the poem they fought to have it banned in schools across the USA. The poem was written by Shel Silverstein and included in a book called 'Where the sidewalk ends.' The book is on the banned list in many schools, libraries and communities.
What do you think?


Someone ate the baby it's rather sad to say
Someone ate the baby so she won't be out to play
We'll never hear her whiney cry or have to feel if she is dry
We'll never hear her asking why why why someone ate the baby
Someone ate the baby it's absolutely clear
Someone ate the baby cause the baby isn't here
We'll give away her toys and clothes we'll never have to wipe her nose
Dad says that's the way it goes someone ate the baby
Someone ate the baby what a frightful thing to eat
Someone ate the baby though she wasn't very sweet
It was a heartless thing to do the policemen haven't got a clue
I simply can't imagine who would go and (burp) eat the baby

You can also read about other banned books here. I was surprised to see many of the books on the list.


Anonymous said...

I'm disgusted at that poem - how can people write such unadulterated dribble? *shakes head*

Jillian ♥

Daddyo said...

Oh I dont know..........

I've nibbled on all my children, they're delicious.

Hellena Post said...

I reckon if parents were honest, there's always a dark moment when you wish it would all just go away....and making a poem about it's not such a bad thing! Us human animals are such puritans...we eat other animals, leave other animals dead and squished on our roads, yet heaven forbid we suggest treating human animals the same way!! Roald Dahl made a fine job of gruesome tales, but I guess they were more palatable because they were about other animals, giants etc.....

loz said...

Well I have to say I see it as humorous and witty not in a literal way but in a light hearted sense. Interesting list of banned books too WOW

Peace, Love and Breast Milk said...

I was going to say much the same as loz.

But then, I ate Bubbalou Pie :D