Wednesday, 2 September 2009

All the colours of the Rainbow

Here is our little ray of sunshine asleep on Daddy. The tie dyed all in one is from a very special friend.
The tights I found a couple of weeks ago, and loved them. They go perfectly with her top and a gorgeous knitted dress same very special friend made for her :)
Our youngest, at the moment, has grown so much in the last couple of months in particular. She is saying new words every day, and is very much into the 'My Mummy' and 'My Daddy' stage. The older kids think it is hilarious. She will be happy playing and they will come to one of us and loudly say 'My Mummy' and she will look over, see what is happening, come running over, pushing them out of the way and cling to me and squeal 'Myyyyy Mummy, My Mummyyyyy'
At 19 months she is now helping put away toys, put things in the rubbish bin, and help with dinner. She loves to 'help' even though it makes jobs take twice as long. I embrace as I know too soon, when she can actually do the jobs, she more than likely won't want to.
She simply adores her older siblings, and they her. The oldest boys give her piggy back rides and walk around the house trying to catch the other children. She squeals so loud with happiness, it is so lovely to watch.
She will walk up to one of her older brothers, arms outstretched and say "Up" and they always do it and say "Ok bubba, where do you want to go" and she will point around the house and they will walk her there, then stop ask where to now, and she points again, laughing. She thinks it is a hilarious game.
They keep going for her, even if they get tired. Her laughter is infectious, and heart warming to hear.
She brings so much joy and happiness into all our lives. No doubt the next, and last baby will do the same.


Nat said...

I. Want. One. (rainbow tie-dyed thing) She looks utterly gorgeous!

alecat said...

My, how she has grown!
Looking beautiful too. :)

Swift Jan said...

What a cutie!! Loving the tights!