Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Playing catch-up

I know!!! How long has it been? Sorry for my absence. March is a bit of a crazy month in my family. 5 birthdays in the space of 2 weeks!!! 2 in my own little family. Me being one of those and middle son now 7! is the other.

Our baby, who is now a big one years old, and others may say toddler. No, uh uh, she is still the baby. Her first birthday was perfect. A lovely day spent with our little family, and then birthday cake with some family and close friends.

Here are some recent pics to show you just how big she is getting.

This first pic shows on of her favourite places to be. Leaning on my legs while I am in the kitchen. She will sit and lean against me with a little toy car or doll. Happy just to be close. It is both annoying and very cute.

Here she is with big brothers and sister, and 'the family' teddies, dolls, bears, and even a turtle! They all have bibs on as it was lunchtime of course!

The birthday girl on her new present from Nanna and Poppy. This present was, and still is a huge hit. She loves it! Now she can scoot around it quite fast, and even have it on two wheels around a corner. I have to be careful around the house. The older kids also love it, and I am forever saying to get off. Their own bikes are clearly not as much fun.

On her Birthday again. Our little woman LOVES shoes! She doesn't mind who's, so long as she can put them on her hands and walk around with them, laughing as she goes.
It still amazes me that she has been with us for a year. Like every child, after they are here with us, it feels like there was never a time when they were not.
She waited to join our family, and we are all madly in love with her. The older kids all adore her, and she them. Especially her oldest sibling. She hears him come in our room in the morning when she wakes. He will call out "Where is my babeeeeee" and she will giggle her head off and jump around the bed, anticipating him coming to get her.
It is lovely to see, and I know they will keep a special bond forever.

Here she is in her beautiful knitted dress. It is "an april" and just gorgeous, of course!It fits her wonderfully, and will for quite a while. This pic was the best of many. It is very hard to get a picture of a child standing still. Let alone a child with several siblings who want in on the picture too, and who keep making her laugh and run away. I will take some more and post them soon.

She is walking everywhere and has her first pair of soft soled shoes. Of course she loves them, and even when we are staying home she brings them to me, then sits down and lifts her feet. It makes me laugh every time.
She will stand up, look down at her feet, then do a few quick steps and laugh. I see a future with a lot of shoes!

She sleeps in bed with mummy and daddy and I wouldn't have it any other way. There is nothing more delightful than waking up in the morning to a smiling baby. I only wish I had the confidence to do it with my first babe when I felt it was right, instead of listening to others telling me it was a rod for my own back. Easy for them to say, they weren't the ones getting up out of bed every 3 hours, to feed and change the baby, then trying to get back to sleep before the cycle started all over again! Now that was my worst sleeping period in my life. I felt like I was falling through the days. Live and learn.

So much to be learned and discovered as we all go through our own parenting journey's. I look at our youngest daughter and am amazed and humbled at how relaxed, calm and content Hub and I are nowadays. She has the blessing of being a younger sibling. Her older brothers and sister paving the way for her.

I came into the kitchen the other day and she was under the table chomping on some toast that had fallen to the floor. With my first baby I would have grabbed it off him and wiped his hands and mouth. Now, I am not concerned. Yay for her for hunting out her own food. With 4 other siblings, you get what you can when you can in regards to food.

Things that worried us, or we were a tad strict about, we have since relaxed our ways. I don't see it as us not caring as much, more that we are not more aware, and focus on the more important things.

I am sure you are keen to hear about the other birthdays and happenings, but I will post about those on their own. So they get all the attention, and don't have to share.
I promise not to wait so long next time.

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