Sunday, 26 April 2009

Whose body is it anyway?

This morning I was greeted by children running in my room, climbing all over the bed and jumping and squealing. As usual one is telling another off, or what to do, what not to do. Sigh.
My 4 year old saying in her very, very loud annoying high pitch squeal who is and who is NOT the boss.
Someone said Mummy and Daddy.
To which she quickly replied "I am the boss of MY body"

I laughed, and agreed, saying yes, that is right hun you are.

I love that my children not only know this, but make damn certain all and sundry know too. It is very important for Hub and I our children know that just because they are smaller, does not mean other who are bigger can touch them in any way. Even to tickle them in fun. If they say no, it means no!! They are the boss of their body.
By instilling in them as youngsters we hope for them to carry this on through adulthood.
I am confident.

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