Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Sore throat, or throats?

Conversation at my house recently...

Daughter who is 4 and a half, well, technically anyway, had a sore throat for a few days, like us all. We are the BEST of shares with bugs around here!

DD "I need the medishin"
Me "Is your throat still sore?"
DD " Yes, it is hurting one, no two throat!"
Me "So two sore throats? at the one time?"
DD "Yes, cough, cough, two throats need the medishin"
Me "Deary me, this does sounds serious"
DD "Very sheri-us"


klynch said...

aww how cute!! my son is the same way with the cold and medicine. so cute.
thanks for the posting about Avery and sleep deperavation but It may be more? because she is throwing her head back and arching? so I'm thinking stomach discomfort? but then at 3 and 4 I could hear her stomach gergglin? so at that time 3and 4 I think it was hunger.... humm still wondering?

Lauren - Textile Garden said...

awww... we had this sore throat too! Although, Xanthe assured me she had "smoke in her nose"!

Swift Jan said...

Aww poor little chook!! I hope you all mend soon xx