Friday, 13 January 2012

Sweet, Hand Made gifts for my Squishy

These two gorgeous felt creatures were made by the mother of one of the big boys friends. She makes all animals and creatures and they are just divine.
So far they have been a huge hit with Miss 3 and Miss 2. They love playing with them in the dollhouse. Mrs Mouse and Mrs Rabbit can talk, didn't you know!
I love them, and am hoping she can teach me one day, when I have spare time, ha!

These crochet Mary Janes. Oh my! They are just adorable. A dear friend of ours, Indi, hand made them lovingly. I look at them and think how cute they are on her little feet. Then I can't help but know she will grow out of them. Damn babies!

I do so love hand made gifts. I am amazed, inspired, in awe and a tad jealous too with such gorgeous hand made gifts. I would so love to be able to create beautiful things for others.
One day. Did you just squeal April? Yes, one day we will sit together and I will actually get beyond two rows of a beanie :)

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