Thursday, 5 January 2012

A few extras, encore from the people.

So there have been some questions around the changes our family are taking on this year. More specifically that the older children are heading into, dun dun da!!!!!! School!

As I have said since we begun, nothing is set in stone. We take life at is comes and adjust, change, and go with what is best at the time.

No, I don't believe for a second there is a 'best way' when it comes to school or learning. The are pros and cons for any path we choose. I know parents with children in school who believe school is the ONLY way for children, all children. I know parents of homeschoolers who believe the same about homeschool.
I believe these are extremes and personally disagree. There is no one size fits all when it comes to children. They are all different. They all learn differently, process information differently, play differently. You get the picture.

Yes, I am sad. But I am also excited. I am also proud of my children who have chatted with us about their lives, what they want at the moment, and how they see their future. We wanted our children to grow and always speak up for themselves, think outside the box, and strive to be who they want to be and to head towards where they want to go. This character building can also be frustrating, but as parents we have to remind ourselves what we see as good qualities in our children that they will carry through and build on into adulthood.

I have no idea what this year holds for us. At the moment we are only looking at term 1 and seeing how it unfolds.
Nothing is locked in.

Yes, it has been hard. I loved the thought of the children all being homeschooled into their teenage years and us continuing to go put and exploring while others were 'stuck in school. I would day dream about when they would go to University, get an apprenticeship, or a job, travel, follow their dreams.
But this is not about what I want. I still imagine my daydreams happening, but on the path each child wants to take. Not what I want them, or hope for them to take.

Honestly, learning and growing up never ends. It still sucks at times. We are always building character, whether we like it or not.

If we can get through schooling, no matter where or how, and the children are happy with their path, then I know we have done good.
Fingers crossed hey!

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