Saturday, 23 April 2011


I remember taking this photo. You were such a chubbby bubby with soft skin and edible cheeks. Your eyes so blue, I've yet to see eyes like yours yet. So sparkly and bright.
You were such a happy baby. Relaxed, easy going, content to go anywhere and go with the flow of our life.
You taught us that every baby is different and personality is there from a very young age and it plays a big part in how we are.
I wish I could go back in time just to blow a raspberry on your gorgeous cheeks! I'd do it now but you'd rather I didn't.

Four years old holding a Koala. Not much changed from when you were a baby, well the talking and taking yourself to the toilet of course. But you were still a happy, content little boy. It was so rare to see you get upset or angry. You had , and still do have, a big heart and lovely nature.

Here you are with your new baby sister, the morning she was born. You are a wonderful big brother. So loving and kind. Always ready to give your younger siblings a cuddle or help them. Who knew the baby you are holding in this pic would grow to be your shadow. She adores you, and wow, you have sooo much patience for her. Sometimes more than I do!

She will want to play with you, or have you read her a book, and you laugh or sigh and say 'ok bubby.' She demands that you sit next to her wherever we drive, and it makes you laugh. You will giver a piggy back ride from the bus to the house and she loves it, of course she gets you to do it by saying her legs have stopped working, while smiling.

On your ninth birthday. (Scuse the filthy faces) You were so excited about your birthday. Just one more year until double digits!

You are the same shoe and head size as me now. I see you reaching my height by Christmas next year, which makes me laugh and cry at the same time. Laugh because I can see our roles reversing, and me passing things to you to put away in higher cupboards, and cry because time is going by way too fast and my baby is growing up. This could not be more true then when a few months ago you had a main sized meal at a restaurant. No more kid's meals for you! Even after you ate your meal you were asking your siblings if they were finished and if they were 'going to eat that' I am wondering if I am going to have to get paid work just for food!

One thing that can make me laugh and also want to bang my head against the wall is your sometimes very relaxed nature. You do things at your own pace, when you are good and ready. I imagine if the house is on fire we will be running around in a panic, while you casually make your way up the stairs with your hands in your pockets. This you do with any book work we do, sports, playing a game and even eating. For you there is no rush.

Take your time growing up. There is no rush.

Happy Birthday my bright eyed boy.

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