Saturday, 21 November 2009

The rings are broken, not the love......

Out of all my pregnancies, this is the one that broke the rings. I even had one pregnancy in one of the hottest places in Australia.

The last couple of days here have seen me very hot, annoyed, and fingers swelling. My rings were still ok, until tonight. I started fiddling with them, seeing if they might come off.

Then I got the soap. Then I got annoyed so googled getting rings off. Learnt about windex and how everyone seemed to think it was the best thing ever.

It didn't work. Tried again after elevation and ice. Hub sprayed the finger with Windex while I tried to twist them off.


Then, of course, my finger started to swell crazy, and I just wanted them off, now!!

So Hub wonderfully scurried through all the boxes in the garage for one of his tools. Pinching pliers or something like that. It hurt, but oh the relief!

So there, above, are my wedding rings. The engagement ring that has been on my finger for over 12 years, and wedding ring for almost 10. Oh well. The rings can be fixed, and I only have one ring finger, and would like to keep it as it is thank you very much.

I told hub, maybe it's time to get the 3rd ring, when these two are getting fixed, just so then I have the whole set. Sounds great to me!

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Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Oh well, at least you still have the finger to place the rings back on to.