Thursday, 26 November 2009

Are you ready?

Is anyone really ever ready for a new baby to joining their family?
This is our 6th time anticipating what life will be like with another gorgeous family member joining us.

Each time has been less daunting, as we know more about babies and life with them. Each time we have focused more on the joy, excitement and wonder the baby will bring.

With our first bay I was very focused and worried about the labour and birth. Looking back now, it's all I really thought about. That and looking at all the cute clothes accumulating around us and how a little baby will be in them soon.
Then, we were 3. A baby was here. Labour and birth behind me, but close to mind for a long time. Now there was a baby. What to do with this baby? Crying a lot. Feeding was a nightmare. The agony of getting through each day with this little person totally reliant on me, all while I struggled to care for myself, and try to work on what the hell I went through to have him.

It was close to being the biggest shock I have been through, physically, mentally and emotionally. Hub and I were pushed to so close the edge, I thought we would go over.

Could we both have done things differently, now when we look back? Absolutely! That is the hardest part about hindsight. Having all the answers after the fact.
Would we be the parents we are now if we could change things? No. Not at all.

It can be hard to think back about the times we went through. All 3 of us crying and wondering what was wrong with this baby, while the baby cried back probably thinking help me.
We stumbled through. Took on advice, some great, some horrible and a result of the previous generation and what they were told.

As each baby joined us, we learnt more to trust our heart and instincts, and follow our baby and their needs and cues. We have become a lot more relaxed about parenting and what is really important.
The most important being that each baby is different, but each baby deserves to have their needs met and that you can not spoil a baby. They depend on us for everything, and this includes love, comfort and trusting us to be there for them.

Now, as we are waiting for this baby to choose a day for their birthday our conversations could not be further than those we had 10 years, pregnant with our first baby. This baby will come into a family with more relaxed, chilled parents, who have come such a long way, and who wouldn't want it any other way.

In all honesty, I can say I am 99% ready for this baby to join us. So soon our days will be filled with feeding, nappies, washing, and most importantly a LOT of love and snuggles.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful heart-felt post - thank you for sharing.

Michelle said...

Is anyone ever 100% ready? that was lovely to ready. xx
ps I found you through the homeschool bloggers