Saturday, 1 October 2011


I won't be doing Blogtoberfest this year. I just don't have it in me, and I fear most days will just be a whinge, bitch or whine as I swim through this AND. I don't want to do that to you, or me.

However I will link you to {tinniegirl} where you can follow the wonderful blogs who will be participating.


Anonymous said...

I was a bit shocked and excited when I saw your blog title, thought surely not? But yay if so...
But no so..

Totally understand xox

Sazz said...

Word for word, apwool lol.

Much love to you, Mumma, hope you know your bitching and moaning is always welcome xoxo

Clare said...

Thank you both.
And in a selfish way, I am enjoying reading your blogs every day :)

Maybe next year for me ;)