Thursday, 25 February 2010

Well I thought it was funny

Eldest Son "Have you seen the remote?"

Me "Check the dish washer"

Eldest Son "The dish washer? Who would put it in there!"

Son walks over and opens dishwasher.

Me "Is it in there" (Trying not to laugh)

Eldest Son "No"

Me "Hmm, what is in there?" (Huge smile on my face)

Eldest son looks at me, then smiles "The dishes"
Then proceeds to put clean dishes away, laughing.


2 year old is naked on top of our table, dancing with a tea towl on her head. I figure, meh, so long as she is not getting into stuff, trashing the older kids bedrooms and allowing me to reply to emails and posts, we are all happy!


Nat said...

Yeah, it is funny (both of them). :D

What I wanted to say was... said...

I'm going to try this one although I imagine after mine discovers the dishes in there he'll promptly shut it and continue his search!

alecat said...

Ha, ha!!!!!

I know where I'm hiding the remote from now on! :)

Clever mama.