Thursday, 28 May 2009

Pictures in lieu of words

I blinked and he turned 3. Three!! You love it when I whinge about time flying, but it is!

The girl who sleeps anywhere, anytime. Snuggled up with her biggest brother. Nawwww
When you are the youngest of several children, anything can happen when you are not looking.
In this case bubs wanted to be pushed around in the stroller. Her older brother pushed her round the house a few times and realised she had fallen asleep.
He put her near the couch, where her older sister thought it would be a good idea to put a blanket on her to keep her warm, and also some sunnies so the lights were not too bright for her.
Very sweet, and quite funny too.

Close up of Little miss warm and cozy.

And just so you can see how she looks awake!!
(Note the newly laid floor in the background. We are ever so closer to being out of here! Some painting and hanging of curtains to go, woohoo)(And of course someone to buy the house, which always helps)


Swift Jan said...

Gorgeous Kids!!!! I hope you are able to sell quickly :)

alecat said...

What beautiful photos!

As the eldest of several children myself, I have fond memories of trying to make the 'babies' comfortable, but never actually tried sunnies to minimise the light. Very clever daughter you have there. :)