Wednesday, 31 March 2010

When Wednesday

When you glance away for a second this happens.....

What still feels like a newborn,

Is 3 months old.

Babies with older siblings, what a wonderful thing. The baby is adored, held, cuddled, kissed, entertained with crazy toddler dancing and loved.

The siblings learn the joys, fun, laughter and the not so great parts like being poo'd or vomited on from their baby brother or sister.

How lucky she is, how lucky we are.

Slow down bubba, let's enjoy the ride.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Every little bit counts

Today I am spreading the word. A wonderful woman and mother, who has set up a charity, Ivy's Team, on a site called Everyday Hero. Her daughter, a bright, loving little woman called Ivy, has spent, and continues to spend time in hospital.
Anyone who has been in and out of hospital with a baby or child knows how hard and emotion it is.

Everyday Hero is hoping to raise enough money for a bed for parents on the ward Ivy knows too well. Hopefully, there will be enough for more than one bed.
A charity pool, at Dad David's work will be matching dollar for dollar that is raised. This is awesome.

Every single dollar helps. Thank you.

Feeling blah

What goes up must come down right?
I am coming down.

A week on homeschool camp, surrounding us with wonderful people young and old, it was awesome.

We got back late on the weekend, then it was all hands on deck cleaning, washing, unpacking.

Monday we relaxed and then today a homeschool meet at a great park.

We walked back in the door just before and I felt exhausted. I've enjoyed myself so much the last week, but this afternoon I am feeling tired. I'm coming down from the high.

I think we will all just relax tomorow, and take it easy.

I have lots to post about but right now I am in need to sit back and do nothing.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Sisters (unknown author)

A sister is the one who makes life easier to live,
Whom you can share our likes and dislikes with,
She is the one who tells us her vast secrets and feelings
And asks us to do the same,
And has the rights to know all our friends' name.
She makes us feel comfortable when we are sad,
She guides us the right way when we are bad,
She is more than any word can tell,
She holds us when we tend to fall.
She comes to know our problems through our eyes,
She is of course naughty but wise,
She is my life's sunrise.
We should always make oneself full
of these qualities to be a sister.
And my Sister you are the most beloved to me
As you care so much for me!

I do not have a sister. I have brothers. I longed for a sister when I was little. To share my room, be my friend, to do things with.
My brothers were, and still are, there for me, don't get me wrong. It's just, there is something about sisters.
While I have never cared about the sex of our babies, I was quite chuffed when our 2nd daughter was born. A sister for my 3 year old daughter. Then when our latest babe was also a girl, I thought how wonderful it was to have 3 beautiful wee women, to grow up together, be there for each other.
Of course there are squabbles, fighting, that high pitch squeal that only children can reach. But for the most part the sisters play so lovely together. Older sister looking after the younger. Before we know it the youngest will be chasing after the others, getting into their things and wanting to be with them.
I feel so honoured to be a part of it.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Someone ate the Baby!

Today over at Family from the Fringes, I was reminded of a poem, a controversial poem. Some find it humorous and can see the dark witty side to it, and others felt such distaste (pun intended) and disgust for the poem they fought to have it banned in schools across the USA. The poem was written by Shel Silverstein and included in a book called 'Where the sidewalk ends.' The book is on the banned list in many schools, libraries and communities.
What do you think?


Someone ate the baby it's rather sad to say
Someone ate the baby so she won't be out to play
We'll never hear her whiney cry or have to feel if she is dry
We'll never hear her asking why why why someone ate the baby
Someone ate the baby it's absolutely clear
Someone ate the baby cause the baby isn't here
We'll give away her toys and clothes we'll never have to wipe her nose
Dad says that's the way it goes someone ate the baby
Someone ate the baby what a frightful thing to eat
Someone ate the baby though she wasn't very sweet
It was a heartless thing to do the policemen haven't got a clue
I simply can't imagine who would go and (burp) eat the baby

You can also read about other banned books here. I was surprised to see many of the books on the list.